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Orlando Florida Foreclosure Defense and Short Sale Attorney

Orlando Foreclosure Defense • Short Sales

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As a Central Florida homeowner, it can be alarming to learn that  your lender or bank has filed a foreclosure action against you. A number of hardworking Floridians are taking extraordinary measures to try to make ends meet in our struggling economy, and sadly, some still cannot pay the house note in full or on time.

When you’ve done your best and you’ve still fallen behind, you may worry about taking on your lender or defending yourself in a foreclosure action. Will you end up homeless? Will your credit score recover from the foreclosure? Will you lose everything you’ve worked so hard to gain? Will you still find somewhere to live when most prospective landlords run credit checks?

Avoid a Florida Bank Foreclosure
First off, let us reassure you that most lenders are taking into account the widespread economic struggle that’s affecting how people repay home loans. For this reason, there is a good chance your bank, credit union, or other lender will work with you to find a mutually beneficial resolution to your mortgage problem.

That chance goes up exponentially if you have capable legal representation in the negotiations.

At the law firm of Pierce & Associates, LLP, we help clients examine their options and select the plan that gets the most favorable outcome:

Defense against foreclosure proceedings in Orlando and surrounding communities
Some people have a valid defense to a foreclosure action. Were proper notification requirements met? Did the note, mortgage or foreclosure complaint contain technical errors? Our extensive experience enables us to quickly sift through the facts of your situation and craft a strong defense to delay or stop the foreclosure altogether.

Short Sales
If both you and your lender desire to get out of the mortgage, we will work with your lender to establish a moratorium – a grace period – in which you can attempt to sell your home for less than you owe on it. In a short sale, most lenders accept the home sale price as the full repayment of your loan, even if your house sells at a loss. This satisfies your debt and leaves your credit score intact.

Guiding Homeowners Through Short Sales in Orlando and Throughout the State of Florida
As a real estate attorney and a licensed Florida real estate broker, Jerry Pierce has spent more than 40 years handling numerous residential short sales and helping homeowners avoid foreclosure. When you contact Pierce & Associates, P.L., you may be able to list your home for sale in a way that incurs no cost to you, the seller. Contact our office now to find out how.

Why Orlando Short Sales are a Win–Win Solution to Your Mortgage Problem
In a short sale, the lender accepts less than the full amount owed to satisfy the mortgage. This arrangement has several benefits.

  • Homeowner/Seller: The homeowner completely avoids foreclosure and becomes free of the house note
  • Buyer: A home buyer purchases the house at a desirable price
  • Lender: The lender mitigates expenses that would be incurred if the home went into foreclosure

Although your lender will lose some money by agreeing to a short sale, it still recovers a portion of the amount due, avoids the legal expense of foreclosure, and does not have to pay to list the house for resale.

At the law firm of Pierce & Associates, we walk each client through the short sale process step by step, giving you peace of mind from day one. We start by compiling a complete short sale package – addressing the homeowner’s financial information (bank statements, hardship letters, etc.), information regarding the home (photographs, repair estimates, current market value, etc.) and information regarding the sale itself (short sale property contract, disclosures, etc.).

From there, we negotiate with your lending institution to get you the relief you need so you can move forward.

Make Informed Decisions About Orlando Home Foreclosure Defense and Orlando Short Sales
If you live in Orlando, central Florida, the Gulf Coast, or anywhere else in Florida, and you have either received a notice of foreclosure or sense one is inevitable, don’t let fear affect your decisions. Your initial consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose by calling us.

Speak with Jerry Pierce, an experienced real estate and foreclosure lawyer, to ensure that you make a wise, informed choice and fully protect your interests. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff has decades of experience preventing foreclosures. We offer effective representation in short sale negotiations, workout negotiations and foreclosure defense representation throughout the state of Florida.

Please contact Pierce & Associates today by calling (888) 316-9923 or by filling out our intake form online.

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